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Honesty, and Furry SGI circa 1996

Went to the bank today to get more money... for wheres_george, of course. :) I was out of the bank when I realized that the teller had given me an extra strap of bills. Since these are straps of tens, that was $500 extra! So I went back to return it. Now, getting $500 for nothing sure would have been sweet but it wouldn't be right. Besides, times are tough and I'd hate it if the teller lost her job over this. So let the record show that I did something right this year.

Was looking through the shelves of books at work today and I found an old SGI Developer's Toolkit binder from 1996. It was titled "The Adventures of Ratmandu and Whitewolf". The cover had artwork of a rat and a wolf against a backdrop of mountains, rivers, a pine forest and a desert. The rat and wolf artwork theme continued throughout the inside of the binder and the documentation. The inside back cover had an explanation of the theme and what that has to do with the Developer's Toolkit. The explanation is the rat and wolf do not use technology in their adventures, and so the software is not the be all and end all of everything and should be treated as tools to be used in the context of the real world. Boy, that's deep. :)

That theme must not have lasted as I can't find anything on the SGI website, or the web in general, about these characters.

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