Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey - Sewell, Turnersville, Sicklerville, Winslow, Cedar Brook

Saturday was a rainy day, so I did just one nearby geocache, Pot of gold. I had the wrong idea about the cache at first, so I went back to the car and read cache logs using someone's open wi-fi connection. (SSID "Netgear") When I returned to the cache site, I saw it right away. It's amazing how much better this goes when I have information! After that, I did some errands and stopped at The Restaurant Store to browse around. This is a restaurant supply store that I was surprised to find less than a mile from home. I'd been there a few days ago to buy cafeteria trays (so that I can carry food from kitchen to bed in style!) but I didn't have time to really take a look around. On Saturday, I did. Their selection of merchandise is amazing. Everything I've seen at restaurants is somewhere in the store. Commercial microwaves, concession stand popcorn poppers, fast food deep fryers, soda dispensers; you name it, it's there. In addition, they sell kitchen supplies in bulk. That was the first time I'd ever seen a 5-gallon tub of dishwashing detergent! I'm not sure I'll ever use that much in one lifetime, although I would buy their gallon-sized liquid hand soap because it's cheaper than the warehouse club.

Sunday was sunny, 40-43°F. I went to South Jersey to do a bunch of geocaches and build up an appetite to use a Ruby Tuesday coupon in the evening. (Yes, my motivation was really that simple!) Since there was still snow on the ground, I consulted the database of easy geocaches. The nearest one was at Washington Lake Park in Sewell, so that's where I started. After finishing 3 geocaches in that park, I headed out further into South Jersey for more geocaches. Spent quite a bit of time at the Winslow WMA. 2 of the geocaches there were accessible via dirt roads. At first, I wasn't sure if I would be able to drive on dirt roads with a layer of ice and snow, but my car handled those without any problems. Of course, I parked when I saw a good wide area along the dirt road and walked the rest of the way instead of risking getting to a narrow part of the dirt road where it would be hard to turn around. I didn't have to shovel much snow in the woods this trip. The only cache site to which I brought the snow shovel was "How Many Guys?" There was a lot of snow around the fallen tree but shoveling out a few scoops of snow was all it took to reveal the cache.

In the evening, I went to Ruby Tuesday in Bear as planned. I had the Ruby Minis combo with salad from the salad bar. Then the Super Bowl came on TV so I returned to the salad bar for some football-watching snacks. Didn't sit through the whole game there. Just watched the 1st quarter and some commercials.

Tags: geocaching, restaurant store, ruby tuesday, south jersey, super bowl

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