Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Pizza is not very Mashable

I went to the Wilmington Pre-SXSW Mashable Meetup yesterday evening. It was actually a bit of a joke on my part. I didn't see anyone else RSVP, so I took over this meetup and picked the venue myself. Thus I went to Cici's Pizza in Newark and had pizza buffet. This time, I focused only on the thin-crust varieties, which I liked, and finished the meal with some dessert pizza. (Bavarian dessert pizza and apple cinnamon pizza)

I upgraded to a smartphone, sort of. I'm not giving out the number to this new line because I haven't committed to switching yet (at least not until the balance on my existing Sprint account runs out), although you can reach it through my Google Voice number. I had a couple of criteria for upgrading that were only recently met. First one, which was admittedly a tough one, was the calling plan with data included should not be more than $40/month or so, which is my existing calling plan. (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and even Sprint itself all charge $60+ per month for smartphone plans, especially if data is added on.) Then I came across Virgin Mobile and their $25/month no-contract plan, which does include data and SMS. Perfect.

The next issue was Virgin Mobile had to offer an Android phone that didn't get strings of 1-star reviews on Amazon, etc. That was the problem with the Samsung Intercept. Last week or so, they added the LG Optimus V to their lineup. I heard some opinions that this phone too is mediocre but online reviews are a lot more favorable, so I went to the nearby Radio Shack last week and got one. Used it over the weekend and this week (mostly on Twitter and Foursquare, and to take and post photos), and so far, it's good enough. Cell signal is no better than what I get with Sprint because that's what Virgin Mobile is actually using, but it's generally okay in this region.
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