Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Return of winter

I'm getting a bit behind in writing. Given the 50-60°F temperatures recently, it was a bit of a surprise when 4 inches of snow fell the night before last. So I had a bit of work to do before leaving. Not a problem though. By this time, I've had plenty of practice and was able to get snow off the car and shovel the sidewalk/driveway/walkway in under half an hour. No big deal even if that took longer though. It wasn't going to be a problem if I didn't get to work at exactly 9am since we're not too strict on that.

In the evening, I went to Battery Park in old New Castle for the DeRRH06-Don't forget to buy your tickets! geocache. The whole park was blanketed in snow except for, oddly enough, the spot where the cache was. That's a good thing because it is a micro cache on the ground, so it could've certainly been a lot more difficult under snow cover. So I had an easy time on this one.
Tags: battery park, geocaching, new castle, snow

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