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Every couple of years or so, I check the state registry for unclaimed funds in my name just in case. For some reason though, I never thought of checking with New York State. Well, today, I checked the NY Office of Unclaimed Funds and yes, I did have something. The story is after I moved from New York City to northern New Jersey, I switched my auto insurance to a different insurer but the old one didn't return the unused balance. I moved from NY to NJ and switched insurers in early 1995 and the entry in the NY OUF database is year 2003, so it took 8 years for the money to be declared unclaimed funds. (which is probably not unusual)

I started the claims process today, but I soon found out that the OUF needs proof of my old address in order to process the claim. So I started looking around the house and found a rent receipt from 1994! Who keeps documents from nearly 17 years ago?? Well, it's a good thing I do. All I have to do now is get the claim form notarized and mail that together with photocopies of the proof documents, and I'll see what happens in a few months. (OUF website says to allow 90 days for processing.)

One wrinkle in the unclaimed funds record is the OUF is not allowed to disclose the amount until I can prove that I'm entitled to it. So I have no way of knowing if this is even worth pursuing; it could be a few dollars or it could be hundreds. But I ought to get this done anyway, if only to tie up a loose end.
Tags: money, unclaimed funds

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