Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rainy Dover

Rain, 55-60°F. Today's outing started when I noticed that I already qualified for the "Year 2000 Cache Challenge" geocache. The prerequisite for this cache is you must have already found 10 caches that were published in the year 2000. I have 14! Well, back when I started geocaching in 2001, those were pretty much the only game in town. So I found most of the 14 in 2001, shortly after I started. Anyway, it was raining, but so what? I went to Iron Hill Park in Newark and took a 1.5-mile round trip hike to find the cache. After that, I went to the bank to get the NY state unclaimed funds claim form notarized. Then, since I was out anyway and since I realized I could also do some of my errands down in Dover, I went for some recent geocaches in Smyrna, Dover, and Little Creek.

Lunch was a Sidewinder Chicken Sandwich at Lone Star Steakhouse in Dover. Yes, Lone Star is still mailing me coupons. The catch is these are now lunch coupons. I couldn't use those on weekdays because I brought lunch to work anyway. I couldn't use those most weekends either because I'd be geocaching in an area with no Lone Star Steakhouses. So this was a rare occasion when I could take advantage of the discount. I still prefer Lone Star in New Castle though. Service at the Dover location is slow and this is yet another restaurant in the chain that has stopped serving peanuts in buckets. They still have buckets but the peanuts come in plastic bags. It just isn't the same! :) On the other hand, they do have the knifebread that I've come to know and love.

After lunch, I did one more geocache, "Get your kicks on Route 66", in the rain on the way home. I thought this one was the most interesting one of the day and it'll only become more difficult later in the year when the vegetation greens up.

Tags: geocaching, kent county, lone star steakhouse

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