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I'm still making use of that 1.5 hours of daylight after work, especially when the weather is decent. This evening, I crossed the state line to the Aston/Brookhaven area for 3 geocaches. The first was Playtime at a playground in a residential area in Brookhaven. I'm not fond of geocaches hidden on playground equipment. If kids are there, you can't be looking under the slide. Thank goodness no one was there this evening. The next two, Ice Ice Baby and Split Decision, were near Ice Works in Aston. Ice Works appears to be a big ice skating complex and the two geocaches were at different ends of the parking lot. "Ice Ice Baby" was a pretty easy park-and-grab. "Split Decision" on the other hand was in the woods, in a tough area of mud and bramble and the coordinates were a bit off, but I was still able to find it after looking around back there a bit.

Dinner was a small Prime Rib & Blue sub at Quiznos in Claymont, which is on the way home from Aston. I don't have anything against this restaurant chain, except for one specific Quiznos in North Jersey. I do think their subs are overpriced, which is why I only go when they send out a good coupon on the mailing list.

Returned home and found another 95-gallon cart in my driveway. Apparently, Waste Management just delivered my new curbside recycling cart so I guess the Universal Recycling Bill has taken effect. The dodgy thing about this law is although it doesn't make recycling mandatory for residents, you're going to get billed for it anyway by the waste hauler, so you might as well do it. Prior to curbside recycling, I took my paper and plastic waste to any of the recycling centers in the area. There is one just two blocks from home and several more on the way to the grocery store, so it wasn't a bother at all. I can certainly afford curbside recycling (and become even lazier than before :) ), but I'm not comfortable with the idea of forcing this expense on everyone, especially households whose budgets are already stretched from rising fuel costs. We'll see what comes of this.
Tags: curbside recycling, delaware county, geocaching, quiznos

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