Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

DE Annual Gathering 2011 and DE Furbowl 25

What an action-packed Saturday! I went to two events. The first was a Where's George event, the DE Annual Gathering 2011, in the afternoon. It was at Stewart's Brewing Company in Bear. I ordered the chicken cheesesteak and then proceeded to chat about Where's George with the group. There were Georgers from Delaware and neighboring states, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. However, there was also someone from Ohio! She had a reason to be in this area and decided to stop by.

In the evening, I went to Delaware Furbowl 25. I skipped the dinner portion of the meet and went straight to the bowling alley. I'm impressed at the improvements they've made to this monthly event. We've taken over the rec room (the room with the air hockey table) of the bowling alley for event functions. Part of that room was curtained off into a fursuit changing area / lounge. (which is far better than the way we used to change into fursuit in the restroom) We also used the rec room for the photoshoot, which ought to be tons better than the old location by the bowling lanes simply because of better lighting. Also new to me were event badges and the event registration tables. It's becoming a mini-con!

This time, I wore the newly-refurbished Chestnut Husky fursuit. I sought the services of jackalopejess last year and took delivery recently. I think she did a wonderful job doing various repairs and making some replacement parts, especially the tail and feet, which used to have recurring issues. Anyway, stepping into this fursuit was like getting into a comfortable old character, which nevertheless still has a lot of life in it. As for bowling, I played my usual 70/80-point games but I got two strikes, no doubt by chance.

Other things I did today: Found two geocaches, Penn Wood Park and Hamburg P&R, both on the way to the Where's George event. Also, I tried the new string trimmer. I got it at a discount during the winter, knowing that I could use it later on the Spring growth. I used it on the longer bunches of grass in the front yard and it was faster than getting the lawnmower out for this.
Tags: de furbowl, fursuiting, geocaching, string trimmer, where's george, where's george gathering, yardwork

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