Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey FPT XX - Swedesboro, Woodstown, Monroeville, Glassboro

Sunny, 40-45°F. I started really late today (after 2pm) but I was still able to fit in some good geocaches. Longest walk of the day was a 2.6-mile round trip on a railbed trail in Monroeville for 5 geocaches. ("Outpost" thru "Elephant Swamp") The last cache of the day, "Glen Hollow", turned out to be somewhat of a challenge. It seems the cache owner placed the cache during a dry season. With the Spring rains, it is now on a tree island in a pond. The closest I could get to it on dry land was 50 feet away. Well, after walking all the way, I wasn't going to let 50 feet of water stop me. So I removed my shoes and socks, rolled up my pants, and waded into the knee-deep water. It was cold! Worse yet, I had to check a few tree islands before I found the right one. Fortunately, the outside temperature wasn't nearly as low as the water temperature, so my feet were fine as soon as I got out of the water and stood on an island.

Dinner was a chicken and fish variety platter at Long John Silver's in Mantua. I was thinking of getting something different this time but why break a routine that works?

Tags: geocaching, long john silver's, south jersey

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