Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ford of Chadd

Yesterday evening, I decided to tackle two hiking geocaches that sat near the 10-mile radius from work. It was a 1.6-mile round trip from where I parked but not really that long of a walk once I got into it. I went to both caches and was back at my car in under an hour, even with the hilly terrain and creek crossing. (The wooden bridge, having gone a bit downstream some time ago, was no help.) The first one, Mason Dixon at Chadds Ford, was near the trailhead at the road. Then I followed the path to the second cache, Chadds Ford Countryside. This one was on top of a 30-foot-high pile of boulders. Fortunately, there was a way to climb up that wasn't too technical.

This evening's excursion was just a quick grab of two new geocaches, Along Christina River in Newark and Hunter's Cache in Bear. I walked to both cache sites in sandals. It was 46°F, not too cold.
Tags: delaware county, geocaching, new castle county
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