Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Friday Five on Monday


At what age did you realize you are no longer young? Alternate question: At what age do you think you will no longer be young?
When the music I grew up with started getting played on oldies radio stations. I'd say around 35.

What was the longest line you ever had to stand in?
Amusement park line. Wonder why I don't go to those attractions any more.

In what way are you especially strong?
In answering Friday Five?

Who was the last person to inform you that you were wrong?
I don't remember.

When did you last have to bid someone so long?
Last night at Ruby Tuesday.


What’s in need of a good cleaning?
Trunk of the car, after hauling yard waste.

What’s your idea of good, clean fun?
Answering Friday Five.

How clean is your driving record?
Well, I got a parking ticket in NYC once, but I guess that's not a driving record item.

When did you last make a clean escape?
Escape from what?

What are your feelings about dirty language?
Forget you!
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