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Cookie Comebacks II

The Saddle River Exxon is tied for highest gas price in NJ with another gas station in Elizabeth! It's only a few miles from home so I should report that station more often. It's not on my normal route though.

Why do some people insist on speaking Chinese with me even when they obviously can't speak Chinese themselves? There's this pump attendant (no, not at the Saddle River Exxon) who keeps doing that. And the creepy part is he persists in doing so even after I told him I don't speak Chinese! I guess he's just trying to be friendly, in a strange way.

Anyhow-ma (Bi-lingual pun! You need to groan in two languages. :) ) I went to the nearby Chinese restaurant for lunch today and I see by all the new fortune cookies that the Chinese men have been busy with their typewriters. So, without further ado, the fortunes:

Do you know that the busiest person has the largest amount of time.
Now that doesn't make sense at all.

Our first love and last love is... Self-love.
This is a fortune?? :)

Pennies from heaven find their way to your doorstep this year!
I'll be sure that my umbrella is upside down.

An old wish will come true.
*looks outside* Nope, still no flying car.

You've spent your life writing the introduction. It's time for Chapter one.
Man, that's way too slow for NaNoWriMo!


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