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Rainy, 55-60°F. There were a bunch of new geocaches I didn't do yesterday evening because it was raining. This evening, it was still raining but I decided to try them anyway. Well, it turned out that these geocaches aren't very deep into the woods, if they're in the woods at all. So I could've done them in rain. The main problem I encountered was extensive puddling after two days of rain, but I switched to my mud-stomping boots and I was fine.

"In The Middle U-Turn" was in the wooded area in the middle of Route 141! Yes, it was between the northbound and southbound lanes at the crossover part of an intersection. I wasn't sure I could park there but that small stretch of road was surprisingly quiet and no one went that way while I was there. "Wilton Multi-Cache" is a 3-stage geocache. The first 2 stages were unremarkable, but the 3rd stage was rather close to a nesting bird. The bird seemed unnaturally still so I had a good look at it. I thought it could be some kind of clever decoy at first but after looking at it more, I decided that it is real. Then I realized it is probably motionless in an attempt to remain unnoticed by predators. The tricky part was getting the geocache without disturbing the bird. Then I took the photo (with a bit of zoom so as not to get too close) and left.

Dinner was an Angus Three Cheese and Bacon at Arby's in New Castle. I noticed they've added wi-fi internet and this appears to be a chain-wide initiative. Arby's food isn't necessarily any healthier but it's a good alternative to McDonald's wi-fi, since I don't get coupons from the latter as often.

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