Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

4sqDay 2011 and the triple birthday party

It was a rainy day but I took account of everything I could do today and decided I could squeeze in a number of things that wouldn't be affected (too much) by the rain. The first leg of my trip was down to Smyrna and back. I had a bag of yard waste from my little after-work weeding session a few days ago and I wanted some Hardee's (turkey burger and double-wide taco), so I figured I could also do the P.O. Box Smyrna geocache, which was out that way. My timing was perfect. The rain stopped just long enough for me to find the cache. As soon as I got back into the car, the heavy downpour started.

Next stop was to University of Delaware to do their Foursquare Day Hen Hunt. I was a bit early for the party, so I thought I'd do this to fill time but it turned out to be pretty interesting. It's a little game where you have to use the clues to find and check in at six locations around the campus. I didn't do these in the correct order because I stumbled across the last venue (UD Bookstore / Perkins Student Center) right after visiting the second venue, The Goats. Nevertheless, it was an interesting tour of the campus and I did learn a thing or two. (including where the restrooms are. Maybe I shouldn't have had so much iced tea at Hardee's. :) ) However, I didn't take advantage of the bonus at the final check-in. It was a discount on UD-logo merchandise and I have no connection with the school.

And finally, I went to Vince's Sports Center for Fox Tigernach's, Reaux's, and Susan's mini golf birthday party. Well, the mini golf part of it was canceled because of the rain but we still had pizza and cake. (Yes, there were a lot of candles!)
Tags: birthday party, geocaching, hardee's, kent county, university of delaware, vince's sports center, yard waste

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