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Friday Five

Not much weekday geocaching activity this week, although yesterday evening, I got to find Garden of America. It's at Gracelawn Cemetery, a cemetery I hadn't visited even though it's the nearest one to home. Other than that it looks well-kept, I don't have much to say about that.

Did auto service on Wednesday evening. Mileage was 154,470. There was a 3-month gap since the previous service because after I started work, I haven't been driving as much. What's new with this service is they handed me a checklist and report at the end when I paid. Everything was still in good condition, although I have only about 1mm on the brake pads before those go from the "green" zone (okay) to the "yellow" zone. (replace next service)


What are your thoughts on late-night television talk shows?
I haven't watched any in years.

What television program is so bad you can’t believe anyone watches it?
Daytime TV shows. That's all there ever seems to be on TV at the dentist.

In what way have your television-viewing habits changed over the years?
Since I don't have a TV set, I stopped watching TV except for a few shows on Hulu.

If you were in charge of the universe, what changes might you make to television?
I wouldn't change anything. I don't usually watch TV anyway, so what do I care?

What is most likely the very next thing you will be watching on television?
Fringe, maybe.

From thefridayfive:

The 30th song in your playlist:
No playlist.

A city that starts with C in your state/province/etc:

Your boss' (or favorite teacher's) name:

The second book on your bookshelf:
No bookshelf where I am at the moment. The 2nd book in my desk drawer is AppleScript Developer Reference.

Your 7th LJ friend:
Alphabetically? albear
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