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Rainy, then sunny; 55-67°F. It was raining this morning. When it started clearing up, I headed out. I figured the rain would stop by the time I got to the first park. Well, it still rained for some time and the sun didn't come out until much later in the afternoon, but I still got quite a bunch of caches in a bit of drizzle.

This time, I started at Bob Case Park in King of Prussia. After 6 caches, all along the same trail more or less, I headed over to the Schuylkill River Trail in Audubon for some SRT caches. Did a bunch more geocaches in Norristown and East Norriton before traveling another 4 miles over to Flourtown and finally Fort Washington. So, in spite of the early rain, it was quite a run and I got a lot of geocaches. Of course, it helped that most of those geocaches were fairly quick ones, not deep in wooded areas, but there were a few harder ones in the mix.

On the Case (Pennsylvania)
Impound Basin 24 - A Kick in the Grass (Pennsylvania)
Glen Rose Glade (Pennsylvania)
OMG - Which one? (Pennsylvania)
"Gate" me outta' Glen Rose! (Pennsylvania)
PMC Lite - CO no good (Pennsylvania)
SRT - 110 (Pennsylvania)
SRT - 109 (Pennsylvania)
SRT - 108 (Pennsylvania)
SRT - 107 (Pennsylvania)
SRT - 106 (Pennsylvania)
"Peachtree" Barn (Pennsylvania)
Norview Farm (Pennsylvania)
Here Lizard, Lizard... (Pennsylvania)
Love Bugs (Pennsylvania)
hanging with my gnomies (Pennsylvania)
Between 40 and 50 (Pennsylvania)
Pocket Park #2 (Pennsylvania)
java and treat #1 (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Whitemarsh Township (Pennsylvania)
Here there be a drain (Pennsylvania)
Where the Trolls Live (Pennsylvania)
ring around the pole (Pennsylvania)
4 Sisters (Pennsylvania)
Upper Level (Pennsylvania)
Middle Level (Pennsylvania)
Lower Level (Pennsylvania)

Tags: geocaching, pennsylvania

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