Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Tredyffrin, Malvern, Frazer, Willistown, Westtown

Sunny/rainy, 75-82°F. Today was the opposite of yesterday in weather. Instead of going from rainy to sunny, it went from sunny to rainy in the evening. Fortunately, the heaviest rain fell while I was driving from Frazer to Willistown and stopped just in time for me to get out and walk in Willistown Preserve. Longest walk of the day was on the Chester Valley Trail for two geocaches that are 1.1 of a mile apart, i.e. a 2.2-mile round trip. That was easy to do on a flat trail.

Dinner was a Cinco Combo at Don Pablo's in Newark. I used the $10 reward they sent me because I hadn't been going to the restaurant often enough. Really. I guess most people go to this restaurant in groups of greater than one because I can't see how it is profitable if I'm there on my own using $10 rewards that they send out up to 3 times a year now.

Tags: chester county, don pablo's, geocaching, pennsylvania
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