Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

C&D Canal Speed Trail

Sunny, 80°F. After work, I headed out to the C&D Canal Wildlife Area in St Georges and found 55 geocaches! The C&D Canal Speed Trail is a power trail that just got published this afternoon. It was 54 geocaches, 53 micro-sized and 1 regular, plus 1 bonus puzzle cache at the end. All of them were spaced 0.1 to 0.2 of a mile apart on the same dirt road next to the canal. So it was really part endurance test and part seeing how many of these you can do per hour. I didn't keep track of the time but I think I did the whole lot in about an hour and a half.

The first one, "C&D 01", took the longest because it's at an odd dead end and I had to turn the car around after that. After doing a few, I got into a bit of a rhythm getting out of the car, grabbing the cache, using tweezers to extract the log, signing the log, putting the cache back, and driving off to the next one 0.1 mile down the road. There were only a few caches in the series where I had to think for more than a second: one cache site had 3 likely spots, another cache was in a bush instead of at the base of the nearby pole. But for nearly all the caches, the GPS didn't leave the dashboard because I knew where it was as soon as I pulled up to the site.

Other things: I got a splinter from one of the poles. Got scratched by a bush I was searching. Came across a flock of vultures. Talked to strangers who thought I was collecting driftwood. And did the whole series in sandals because every cache was by the side of the dirt road. (There was one where I had to hop over a mud patch but I'd still consider that roadside.) After that, I went to Hardee's in Middletown for chicken tenders. At the canal access point, I was close enough to Middletown, so I might as well take the opportunity.

C&D 01 (Delaware)
C&D 02 (Delaware)
C&D 03 (Delaware)
C&D 04 (Delaware)
C&D 05 (Delaware)
C&D 06 (Delaware)
C&D 07 (Delaware)
C&D 08 (Delaware)
C&D 09 (Delaware)
C&D 10 (Delaware)
C&D 11 (Delaware)
C&D 12 (Delaware)
C&D 13 (Delaware)
C&D 14 (Delaware)
C&D 15 (Delaware)
C&D 16 (Delaware)
C&D 17 (Delaware)
C&D 18 (Delaware)
C&D 19 (Delaware)
C&D 20 (Delaware)
C&D 21 (Delaware)
C&D 22 (Delaware)
C&D 23 (Delaware)
C&D 24 (Delaware)
C&D 25 (Delaware)
C&D 26 (Delaware)
C&D 27 (Delaware)
C&D 28 (Delaware)
C&D 29 (Delaware)
C&D 30 (Delaware)
C&D 31 (Delaware)
C&D 32 (Delaware)
C&D 33 (Delaware)
C&D 34 (Delaware)
C&D 35 (Delaware)
C&D 36 (Delaware)
C&D 37 (Delaware)
C&D 38 (Delaware)
C&D 39 (Delaware)
C&D 40 (Delaware)
C&D 41 (Delaware)
C&D 42 (Delaware)
C&D 43 (Delaware)
C&D 44 (Delaware)
C&D 45 (Delaware)
C&D 46 (Delaware)
C&D 47 (Delaware)
C&D 48 (Delaware)
C&D 49 (Delaware)
C&D 50 (Delaware)
C&D 51 (Delaware)
C&D 52 (Delaware)
C&D 53 (Delaware)
C&D 54 End of std Delaware Caches (Delaware)
C&D 55 Bonus De/Md Border (Delaware)

Tags: c&d canal, delaware, geocaching, powertrail

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