Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

C&D again, Pike Creek

After Monday's 55-cache spree at the C&D Canal, I returned to the C&D Canal for two more geocaches on Tuesday. That was a more leisurely affair for a change. There was a bit of walking this time and some information-gathering. The first was Gas Up at C&D Canal-North side, near a gas pipeline tower. This geocache used to be on the south side of the canal but it was moved to make way for the C&D Speed Trail. After that, I went over to the south side of the canal for Mason Dixon Stone at C&D Canal. This is a mystery cache for which I needed to get information at two stages to derive coordinates for the final part of the cache. The C&D dirt road has limited access points so I actually had to drive 3 miles on a dirt road to get to where I needed to park, and 3 miles back on the dirt road to leave the area, getting the final cache along the way.

Wednesday was a rainy day but the severe thunderstorm made a right turn into South Jersey just before reaching my place. So I cut the grass. Seemed like the grass grew another half a foot in just two weeks since I last cut it. This time, I used both the lawnmower and the string trimmer. The lawnmower isn't great at making tight turns so I cut the remaining islands of grass with the trimmer. Using the two together, I was able to do both front and back yards in 90 minutes. It used to take 2 hours.

Thursday was rainy the whole day but I went out geocaching anyway since there were two new geocaches in the Pike Creek area. (7 miles from work) Luckily, the rain stopped just when I got to that area. First, I did Souvenir Challenge (Delaware). This is a challenge cache with a logging requirement. I had to have 10 souvenirs before I logged it. (Souvenirs are like Foursquare badges, virtual awards for doing certain things on the site.) I already had 20 souvenirs, so that wasn't a problem. Then I went for the I Hate Rock Hides geocache, not far from the Souvenir Challenge. The cache description is somewhat misleading. After poking around the area for a bit, I realized that there must be some kind of trick there and reading the online cache logs confirmed it. I looked somewhere a bit different and the cache was a snap to find then.
Tags: c&d canal, geocaching, new castle county, yardwork

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