Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Warminster Tricentennial

Rainy, 60-65°F. It was raining this morning, so I hadn't planned on going anywhere. But I had to take some yard waste (4 bags of tree branches and catchweed from my recent yard cleanup) out to the collection site, so I did that. This time, I used the new yard waste site, a few exits up the highway from home. The new site is run by Holland Mulch. It's closer to home and more convenient than the old Brandwine Hundred yard waste site since Holland Mulch is next to an I-495 exit.

After that, since I was out anyway, I decided to go to the Warminster Township Tricentennial Geocaching Event. I hadn't planned on going to this event so I arrived late, but there was still a lot food and I got to take home the leftover pasta salad for dinner. In spite of the rain, it was a fun event. We went out in a group (Joe from JoeNSue, Trowel32, Wakkanne, and I) to do all the geocaches in the park. Then, Joe and I drove out to do a bunch more in the town of Warminster. After we split up, I continued geocaching in Warminster and Hatboro until dark, finishing the day with 31 finds!

Oh, no! Not Another Wally Cache! (Pennsylvania)
Long way There (Pennsylvania)
Sewing Needles (Pennsylvania)
Around the Corner (Pennsylvania)
Beautiful Pond (Pennsylvania)
Warminster Township Tricentennial Geocaching Event (Pennsylvania)
Runway Lighting (Pennsylvania)
Anechoic Chamber (Pennsylvania)
Communications Test Bed (Pennsylvania)
What'cha Call It (Pennsylvania)
Nature Walk (Pennsylvania)
Warminster Community Park (Pennsylvania)
Walk in the Woods (Pennsylvania)
Sit a While (Pennsylvania)
Warminster's Travel Bug Hotel (Pennsylvania)
John Hart III Residence (Pennsylvania)
By the Blimp Hanger (Pennsylvania)
Sheppard, Grissom, and Glenn (Pennsylvania)
Brick Wal! (Pennsylvania)
Syzmanek Park (Pennsylvania)
Historic Craven Hall (Pennsylvania)
That Whirlygig Thing (Pennsylvania)
Peek, Oh! (Pennsylvania)
Meadow Run (Pennsylvania)
Drop by the Driveway (Pennsylvania)
Do Not Log This Cache (Pennsylvania)
Christ Home Park (Pennsylvania)
Maple Park (Pennsylvania)
Meetinghouse Fly-by (Pennsylvania)
Hatboro North (Pennsylvania)

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