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North Jersey Highlands Cache Dash

Found 10 geocaches today. And what a workout it was. Most of them, especially the Allamuchy caches, are in hilly areas. A good number of them involved long walks. However, the extra long daylight helped. The day started off cold and rainy but the sun came out after the third cache and the weather was great for the rest of the day.

Cams Kid Cache (New Jersey)
Foothills Park in Pompton Plains. Just off Route 23. Easy one to start the day.

Find me if you can (New Jersey)
Mountainside Park in Pompton Plains. Not far from Cams Kid but in a different park. Also easy but more of a hill to climb.

Speak Friend and Enter (New Jersey)
Small park in Bloomingdale near the Hamburg Turnpike off Route 23. Multi-cache. GPS readings were screwy here but it could be partly due to bad weather. Found a sleeping possum near the second stage of the multi-cache.

Dogz Kittatinny Cache (New Jersey)
Kittatinny Valley State Park in Newton. Supposedly there's a small airport in the vicinity but I didn't see it because I drove in from the other side of the park.

What's On Your Mine? (New Jersey)
Easy Roadside Cache (New Jersey)
Deer Park Pond Cache (New Jersey)
Allamuchy Mountain State Park in Hackettstown. All three caches are along the same dirt road that's being used as a walking/biking path. I think the round trip walking distance to pick up the three and get back to parking is about 3 miles. Great view of the lake in the center of this part of Allamuchy. There is a mine shaft near the first of the three.

The Allamuchy Mountain Cache (New Jersey)
Allamuchy Climber Cache (New Jersey)
Allamuchy Mountain State Park in Andover. (Yes, technically the two sections of the park are in different towns.) This is the mountainous side of the park although the elevation change from the parking area is at most 400 feet. The walk was more than a mile one-way though because the trail went the wrong way for a bit before turning around.

Turkey Brook Cache (New Jersey)
Mt Olive Township Park. Pretty much an undeveloped park. So undeveloped that I couldn't find the trail. So I bushwhacked nearly all the way to the cache. What a mess but quite possible to do. It turns out that following the trails wouldn't have mattered much. The trails were waterlogged and muddy, practically streams of water themselves. And there were no trail bridges so I'd have to cross the creeks and streams anyway whether I followed the trail or not. But yes, I did find the cache easily. Often, the fun is in getting there.

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