Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Red Rose

Made an interesting discovery this morning as I was about to leave for work. The rose plant in the front yard has started producing dark red roses. I didn't plant it. It germinated last year and I have yet to figure out where the seeds came from because my neighbor does not have roses. I didn't weed it out because I thought the thorns would be useful to keep cats from hiding behind the bushes. Thus, the flowers are a bonus. So I now have roses in the front yard and daffodils in the backyard. This makes me wonder what else I can get without actually planting anything.

In the evening, I did two geocaches. Even though these were in different directions from work, I was still able to do both in plenty of time before dusk. The first was Tanks for the Park @ BCP! at Bethel Community Park. I actually had to park at the school across the street because there was a soccer game going on and the parking lot in the park was full of cars. Luckily, they were playing on the other side of the field from the cache site, so I could search for it. The cache site is near the Town of Bethel water tank, hence the "Tanks" in the cache name. Then I went to Home Depot in Newark for Home Again, which is behind the store.

When I got home, there was still 15 minutes before dark so I cut the grass in the backyard. I'm surprised that the back lawn went from having a bunch of bare patches last year to growing thick and knee-high every two weeks this year. The problem is I had a rock marking the spot where the clothes line pole used to be but I can't find it any more because the grass has swallowed it up. So there is a sizable patch where I have to use the string trimmer instead of the lawn mower to avoid wrecking the latter on a hidden rock. Aside from that issue, I can cut the grass fairly quickly and it really isn't strenuous work once the sun has gone down.
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