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WWFM VIII - Singing in Souderton

Today's plan was to go geocaching around Souderton, PA, and attend the WWFM VIII - Singing in Souderton flash mob geocaching event. Since I started out a bit earlier than I needed to, I did some geocaching in Hatfield and Lansdale on the way to the event. (well, that was not quite on the way) I noticed that there was a "Not In Towamencin" series of geocaches, all placed just outside the boundary of the borough of Towamencin. I later found out that there is a ban on geocaching in that town due to a bomb scare a few years ago. Probably an overreaction on the part of the town but eh, I don't have a reason to go there now.

So I arrived at the event location. There was other activity going on in the park and it looked like we'd have to displace some wedding photographers from the bandshell, but we ended up having the event out on the field instead. So here's the flash mob part of it: At 1:00pm, we converged to one spot and started singing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". Then we did a group photo at the bandshell and dispersed, hopefully leaving the wedding photographers undisturbed. I didn't leave the park just yet. On the other side of the park, there was a Souderton community fair going on and I heard there was free food, so of course I went to check it out. :) Well, they were quite generous. I got a hot dog, chips, drinks, popcorn and a water ice. (I believe some of those were sponsored by local businesses.) I was also handed a goodie bag with a bunch of product samples and coupons. (Not sure I'd go all the way back there to use coupons for Souderton-area businesses but we'll see.) There were also a few mascots: a karate shark, a pig, and the Rita's water ice mascot. I loved that all three of them were really into the mascot gig. The Rita's mascot in particular was very active and ran all over the park playing around with random people.

After leaving the Souderton community fair, I went geocaching around the nearby towns: Harleysville, Upper Salford, Schwenksville, and back to Lansdale and North Wales. Finished the day a bit past 11pm with 42 finds. There was a lot of quiet countryside out by Upper Salford and Schwenksville. At one of the rural cache sites, I saw a small snake inside the cache hiding spot. The problem was I had to get it out of the cache spot before putting the cache back in or the snake would be squished. I tried using a stick but it just curled up in one corner. I don't think my pointing a camera at it was helping matters either. :) Finally, I just had to wait for it to get out.

Not In Towamencin Series #1 (Pennsylvania)
Not In Towamencin Series #2 (Pennsylvania)
Not In Towamencin Series #3 (Pennsylvania)
Not In Towamencin Series #7 (Pennsylvania)
Plains Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
Welcome to Lansdale! (Pennsylvania)
Not In Towamencin Series #8 (Pennsylvania)
Get Trained! (Pennsylvania)
WWFM VIII - Singing in Souderton (Pennsylvania)
Structural integrity (Pennsylvania)
Holly's hide (Pennsylvania)
Jerry Jordan's Jelly Jar (Pennsylvania)
Don't Sleep Here (Pennsylvania)
Water, Water, EVERYWHERE! (Pennsylvania)
\Forrest Meadow Park (Pennsylvania)
The Inn at Forrest Meadows (Geocoin and TB) (Pennsylvania)
Pills, Pills, and more Pills (Pennsylvania)
UnNamed #4 (Pennsylvania)
Streaming good time! (Pennsylvania)
A little known loop (Pennsylvania)
Chestnut Grove Car Swap (Pennsylvania)
We Keep Green (Pennsylvania)
Preparing the way cache (Pennsylvania)
Who's wining ? (Pennsylvania)
ARRRRR!!!! Marooned Me Mates on 113 (Pennsylvania)
Steely Dam (Pennsylvania)
Foxy (Pennsylvania)
Upper Salford Park (Pennsylvania)
Desperado Bridge (Pennsylvania)
obey the rules of Foy Park (Pennsylvania)
Cub Scout Pack 105 (Pennsylvania)
O Gafanhoto (Pennsylvania)
Over the Hill (Pennsylvania)
Tailwind (Pennsylvania)
Not In Towamencin Series #6 (Pennsylvania)
Not In Towamencin Series #4 (Pennsylvania)
Not In Towamencin Series #5 (Pennsylvania)
Lift Up Your Skirt And Say "Ah!" (Pennsylvania)
Become Part of the Club Too (Pennsylvania)
Trackside Near North Wales (Pennsylvania)
Church Cache (Pennsylvania)
The Mighty T-1 (Pennsylvania)

Tags: flash mob, geocaching, geocaching event, mascot, snake

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