Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Heater servicing and an assortment of weekday evening geocaches

I've been remiss in not writing except on weekends, so I'll do so now. Last Thursday, I visited This Doesn't Belong Here!!! in Radnor Green Park in Claymont. This is a 4-star terrain geocache and my understanding is at certain times, it could be difficult to cross the stream. However, there are lots of big rocks in the stream and it's easy to cross when the water level is low. On Friday evening, I went to Brandywine Creek State Park (making full use of my annual park pass :) ) to do Billy Bob's Itty Bitty Mountain Kash. This one is a lot tougher and is multi-stage. The first stage is up a steep hill and the second stage is on another hill. However, I noticed where the final stage is on the map and I knew a back way into the park. So I went back to the car and drove around the block to the other side and saved just over a mile of hilly walking that way.

On Monday, I had an afternoon appointment to service the heating system in my house so I took a half day off from work. As I expected, the service guy was late. Also, it took longer and cost more (although still not that much) than planned because he had to replace the starter transformer. Then there were oil fumes from the burner test so I needed to open all the windows and air out my place. (This is why I waited until the weather was warmer before having the service done.) In short, I'm glad it's done and let's not do this again for a while! That evening, I went to the Woodlawn Trustees Wildlife Refuge to do Twinkle, Twinkle - Mica. It's a hike up a grassy hill to an area with lots of mica in the rocks.

Tuesday evening's excursion was to Heading for the Canal, a quick geocache in St. Georges, before going to Taco Tuesday at Don Pablo's. I knew there was a geocaching event in South Jersey but I passed on that one because after figuring in fuel, tolls, and taxes, it didn't seem worth going all the way to Cherry Hill just for the evening.
Tags: geocaching, heating system, new castle county, shellhorn & hill

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