Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Revenge of the C&D Canal Speed Trail

Sunny, 75-80°F. Just two days ago, I broke my one-day record with 56 finds. Well, this evening after work, I broke that again with 83 finds! As you may recall, I did the 55-cache C&D Canal Speed Trail back in April. That was on the south side of the canal. Last night, 83 more geocaches were listed, extending the C&D Speed Trail to the north side of the canal.

The north side speed trail isn't as straightforward as the south side. The canal road isn't continuous so this cache series is actually in three parts. I started over at Fort Dupont near Delaware City and did C&D 138 down to 128. Then I drove to the second entry point and did C&D 127 down to 82. Then I used a secret short cut to leave the second stretch and drive to the third stretch, where I did C&D 81 down to 56.

All but a handful of geocaches could be found in a second or two of looking since the placement methods were generally the same. Only a few were placed in a nonstandard manner so I had to look around for a bit. As I recall, only one of the 83 had coordinates that were somewhat off. The GPS stayed in the car most of this trip because I could guess the hiding spot nearly every time before I got there. By this time too, I've had a lot of practice stopping and getting out of and into the car every 0.1 of a mile, so I took a bit less time per geocache this round and finished the whole lot in 2.5 hours. The biggest time waster was driving between the 3 sections. The road construction detour in Delaware City didn't help either. All in all, it was an evening of entertainment, just like the first C&D speed trail.

C&D 138 (Delaware)
C&D 137 (Delaware)
C&D 136 (Delaware)
C&D 135 (Delaware)
C&D 135 (Delaware)
C&D 134 (Delaware)
C&D 133 (Delaware)
C&D 132 (Delaware)
C&D 131 (Delaware)
C&D 130 (Delaware)
C&D 129 (Delaware)
C&D 128 (Delaware)
C&D 127 (Delaware)
C&D 126 (Delaware)
C&D 125 (Delaware)
C&D 124 (Delaware)
C&D 123 (Delaware)
C&D 122 (Delaware)
C&D 121 (Delaware)
C&D 120 (Delaware)
C&D 119 (Delaware)
C&D 118 (Delaware)
C&D 117 (Delaware)
C&D 116 (Delaware)
C&D 115 (Delaware)
C&D 114 (Delaware)
C&D 113 (Delaware)
C&D 112 (Delaware)
C&D 111 (Delaware)
C&D 110 (Delaware)
C&D 109 (Delaware)
C&D 108 (Delaware)
C&D 107 (Delaware)
C&D 106 (Delaware)
C&D 105 (Delaware)
C&D 104 (Delaware)
C&D 103 (Delaware)
C&D 102 (Delaware)
C&D 101 (Delaware)
C&D 100 (Delaware)
C&D 99 (Delaware)
C&D 98 (Delaware)
C&D 97 (Delaware)
C&D 96 (Delaware)
C&D 95 (Delaware)
C&D 94 (Delaware)
C&D 93 (Delaware)
C&D 92 (Delaware)
C&D 91 (Delaware)
C&D 90 (Delaware)
C&D 89 (Delaware)
C&D 88 (Delaware)
C&D 87 (Delaware)
C&D 86 (Delaware)
C&D 85 (Delaware)
C&D 84 (Delaware)
C&D 83 (Delaware)
C&D 82 (Delaware)
C&D 81 (Delaware)
C&D 80 (Delaware)
C&D 79 (Delaware)
C&D 78 (Delaware)
C&D 77 (Delaware)
C&D 76 (Delaware)
C&D 75 (Delaware)
C&D 74 (Delaware)
C&D 73 (Delaware)
C&D 72 (Delaware)
C&D 71 (Delaware)
C&D 70 (Delaware)
C&D 69 (Delaware)
C&D 68 (Delaware)
C&D 67 (Delaware)
C&D 66 (Delaware)
C&D 64 (Delaware)
C&D 63 (Delaware)
C&D 62 (Delaware)
C&D 61 (Delaware)
C&D 60 (Delaware)
C&D 59 (Delaware)
C&D 58 (Delaware)
C&D 57 (Delaware)
C&D 56 (Delaware)

Tags: c&d canal, geocaching, new castle county, powertrail

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