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Sunny, 85-90°F. I went to Northeast Philadelphia to do the PPT series of geocaches on the Pennypack Trail along the Pennypack Creek. It was actually not a good area to travel to because of road construction traffic delays on I-95. I parked in one parking area and went up the trail to do PPT 8 thru 13. The geocaches were spaced a bit over 0.1 mile apart but I also made a detour to do "Ring Ding", which was a short bushwhack off the Pennypack Trail. Then I went the other way from the parking area to do PPT 7 thru 4. By then, I'd walked 2.8 miles and the heat was wearing me out, so I left the remaining PPT caches for another time and drove around to do some easier geocaches.

In the late afternoon, I did the Fluehr Park series of caches. By that time, it wasn't as hot so I didn't mind walking all around the park and across the park again for the bonus cache. A bit later, I visited "Carwithan Cache" but had trouble retrieving it because it had fallen too deep into the hollow branch where it was hidden. Fortunately, Argus-Eyed Duo, the cache owners, saw me and when I showed them what had happened, they said I could log a find anyway. They also brought out their iPad and showed me a bunch of quick geocaches I could do at dusk before heading to Philadelphia Chinatown for dinner. (I was filling time because free parking on Arch Street begins at 10pm so the later I get there, the less I have to pay.)

On the way home, I hit another major traffic delay on I-95 so I took to the local streets. I knew there was an easy new cache I hadn't done yet, so I passed through Aston and did "Holy Sh??" Total finds for the day was 32, which isn't bad but pales in comparison to the recent 83 and 56-find days. :)

PPT : 8 : Arbored (Pennsylvania)
PPT : 9 : Piled (Pennsylvania)
PPT : 10 : Ferned (Pennsylvania)
PPT : 11 : Bouldered (Pennsylvania)
Ring Ding (Pennsylvania)
PPT : 12 : Slotted (Pennsylvania)
PPT : 7 : unBeeched (Pennsylvania)
PPT : 6 : Conjointed (Pennsylvania)
PPT : 5 : Hole'd (Pennsylvania)
PPT : 4 : InV'd (Pennsylvania)
PPT : 13 : Splintered (Pennsylvania)
End Zone Dance (Pennsylvania)
Frank (Pennsylvania)
Childhood Memories ~ End of the Line (Pennsylvania)
Everybody Was Kung-Fu Caching (Pennsylvania)
More Coffee on Grant Ave (Pennsylvania)
Cacherite (Pennsylvania)
Washington Slept Here 2 (Pennsylvania)
Oh, No! Not Another Mall Cache! (Pennsylvania)
Childhood Memories ~ Shady Brook Farm (Pennsylvania)
Four more in Fluehr Park #3 (Pennsylvania)
Four more in Fluehr Park #4 (Pennsylvania)
Four more in Fluehr Park #2 (Pennsylvania)
Four more in Fluehr Park #1 (Pennsylvania)
Four more in Fluehr Park BONUS CACHE (Pennsylvania)
Consolation View (Pennsylvania)
Great Delaware River Views (Pennsylvania)
95 North and South bound (Pennsylvania)
Carwithan Cache (Pennsylvania)
CFCF - You don't want to stay here (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 1 ==Start or Finish? (Pennsylvania)
Holy Sh?? (Pennsylvania)

Tags: geocaching, northeast philadelphia, philly chinatown

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