Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon 2011 Day -1

After a light dinner on Tuesday, I finished packing for Anthrocon and loaded everything into the car. Started out at around 8pm so I had plenty of time to geocache along the Pennsylvania Turnpike and still arrive in Pittsburgh the next morning. I actually only had 8 geocaches to do on the PA Turnpike westbound so I supplemented that by stopping in Monroeville for more geocaches. There were quite a number of geocaches in that area. However, it is a very hilly area and it suffers from the problem where roads at different altitudes are often not well connected. So you can have two geocaches that are only half a mile apart but to go from one to the other, you have to wind your way through town just to get to the correct level on the hill. I decided to forgo some geocaches that seemed isolated in that way but the ones that I did do were still an interesting bunch. I also briefly visited the Monroeville Mall, which I was told was where Dawn of the Dead was filmed.

Got a little carried away, so by the time I reached Pittsburgh, it was late in the morning. I drove directly to Primanti Brothers in the Strip District since they have their own parking lot. I had a colossal fish sandwich. After that, I went to the hotel to check in but was told that they won't have the room available until 3pm. However, joeygatorman had arrived, so we went out for a walk in downtown Pittsburgh and did two geocaches. Then marauderosu arrived. By then, the room was ready. After I was done moving my stuff into the room, we went out for an early dinner at Golden Palace Buffet. I had beef in curry sauce over rice.

In the evening, I decided to fursuit a bit using the coyote fursuit I acquired from wildfox34 recently. Since the con hadn't begun, we didn't have name badges. So I wrote "Kinzer II" on an index card and put that in my badge holder. I didn't tell anyone who I really was, so what everyone saw was a mysterious new coyote fursuiter roaming the hotel common area. I was wondering if anyone would think I was wildfox34 but that didn't seem to happen. Also, this fursuit got more attention than I expected. I guess it is kind of cute. I still have to figure out a way to fix the breathing / air flow issue though.

HBTM (Pennsylvania)
76 west 2 (Pennsylvania)
PA Turnpike TB Hotel - Westbound (Pennsylvania)
PA Turnpike WEST (Pennsylvania)
Westbound Fun (Pennsylvania)
Yup Its Another (Pennsylvania)
Lego My Egg Oh! 1 WestBound 76 (Pennsylvania)
Lego My Egg Oh! 2 WestBound 76 (Pennsylvania)
shes_out_there on I-76 West (Pennsylvania)
The Angry Crustacean (Pennsylvania)
Just Dance (Pennsylvania)
Paradise City (Pennsylvania)
Yellow Submarine (Pennsylvania)
Happy Hour, across the Border (Pennsylvania)
Team Lost heads to the Bean N' Gone (Pennsylvania)
Short Skirt Long Jacket (Pennsylvania)
Let's Go to the Mall (Pennsylvania)
Funky Kohl Medina (Pennsylvania)
Mittens & Rhino's Good Buddy (Pennsylvania)
One Headlight (Pennsylvania)
Whizard's Guardrail Ammo Can (Pennsylvania)
E's Pioneering Spirit (Pennsylvania)
The Whizard's Travel Bug Lair (Pennsylvania)
Yes, We Do Have Bananas! (Pennsylvania)
The First Green Roof (Pennsylvania)
Glass House (Pennsylvania)

Tags: anthrocon, convention, furry, fursuit, fursuiting, geocaching, golden palace buffet, pittsburgh, primanti brothers, westin

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