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9 geocaches on Long Island. Just swept from West to East, ending on the South Fork in Montauk!

Bethpage State Park in Bethpage. Short walk. Lots of trails around so I didn't know or care which trail color I was following. Just picked the most likely direction at every intersection. The cache was lying out in the open but I figured that it had fallen.

Cedar Creek Cache (New York)
There's supposed to be a checkpoint before the sewage processing plant but the guard let me through without any questions. Didn't even come out of the booth! That's some security they have there although I don't think sewage processing plants are on high alert. It's sewage, not nuclear power. There's an aerodrome to the back of the park. Interesting area.

Lincolns Spare Change (New York)
Lindenhurst is one of those annoyingly slow places to drive through. Somewhat like... pick any small congested town in Bergen County with one narrow Main Street. The parking area was easy to find though. And from there, it was push push through the bush. Okay, so I found the correct, if somewhat overgrown, path to get to the cache. I'm not sure that a money cache is safe here. There is much evidence of partying in the woods. (beer cans and beer bottles)

RPA-33 Heckscher SP East (New York)
Heckscher State Park in East Islip. Used the side entrance to the park, as suggested. So everyone avoids paying the vehicle use fee for this one. Interesting abandoned building near the cache site.

J&J1 -Lakeland (New York)
Lakeland County Park in Ronkonkoma. This is basically a walk on the LI Greenbelt Trail. However, this part of the trail has boardwalks and passes under a railway track. Interesting.

Lower Lake - H1 (New York)
Fishing access area in Yaphank. An easy cache.

Down by the Bay (New York)
Salt marsh preserve in Bellport. Another easy cache.

Red Creek Cache (New York)
Red Creek Park in Hampton Bays. Longer walk than the rest but once I got on the main trail, which looked almost drivable as a sand road, I could walk there pretty fast. Seems like a lot of the walk is just to get around the football fields but I'm not complaining.

Project Lookout (New York)
Shadmoor State Park way out in Montauk. Seemed like I drove past all the Hamptons along the way. It's not too bad now but in the summer, this place will be very congested and traffic will be terrible. This is pretty much a beach environment with all the sand and short vegetation. Good views of the ocean once I got to the cache location at the edge of the bluffs.

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