Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

PPT revisited

Sunny, 90°F. First day of the three-day weekend. It was a hot day but I decided to revisited the PPT series of geocaches on the Pennypack Trail in Holmesburg/Philadelphia to see how many more I could do. However, I started at Pennypack Park on the Delaware first to do the 5 geocaches in that park. "Pennypack on the Delaware Part 1" was a significant challenge because I had to wade through weeds that were almost as tall as I but I eventually made it to the cache site. When I read the cache logs, I noticed that others had taken the approach of climbing over a wall and walking through the abandoned industrial area outside of the park in order to avoid the tall weeds. I'm not sure that's a good thing.

After I was done with Pennypack Park, I started walking up the Pennypack Trail. Most of the PPT caches were easy and there were a few other caches, "A walk in the park", "Ssssss", "Cecil", and "Little City Overlook", along the same trail. There was also an earthcache "Fall Line at Holmesburg".

I stopped the hike early in order to make it to Old Country Buffet in Bensalem before they closed. (to use a July 4th weekend dinner coupon) Of course, there had to be two geocaches near the restaurant. Good thing I allowed a bit of extra time for those! :) Anyway, I had the usual plates and dessert.

Squeak the Penny (Pennsylvania)
Pennypack on the Delaware Part 1 (Pennsylvania)
This fence is for the birds! (Pennsylvania)
Pennypack on the Delaware Part 3 (Pennsylvania)
Where the Owls dive and the Eagles rest (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 2 : hanging (Pennsylvania)
A walk in the park (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 3 : base (Pennsylvania)
Ssssss (Pennsylvania)
Fall Line at Holmesburg Dam (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 4: wooden wall (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 5 : butress (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 6 : fatty (Pennsylvania)
Cecil (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 7 down the path (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 8 gnarley (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 9 my back hurts (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 10 up the hill (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 11 name that tree (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 12 piller (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 14 hole in 6 (Pennsylvania)
Little City Overlook. (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 16 the winchester (Pennsylvania)
PPT lower half 15 the 3 mighty oaks (Pennsylvania)
B.Y.O.Pretzels (Pennsylvania)
Can't Have It Your Way 2 (Pennsylvania)

Tags: geocaching, old country buffet, pennsylvania, philadelphia

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