Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XXX - Independence Day weekend

Sunny, 85°F. Although it wasn't as hot today as yesterday, it was worse because of the humidity. I started the day with breakfast buffet at Old Country Buffet in Newark. Had I known they were doing breakfast until noon, I wouldn't have woken up quite as early, but I needed to get going anyway.

My plan for the day was to find "Hen Fruit" in East Marlborough and then head over to Lancaster County for more geocaches. That turned out to not be the best idea because there isn't a direct route to the next cache site near Colerain. "Bells Run Nature Preserve" turned out to be the hardest bushwhack of the day. I went into the woods and it was like a dense jungle in there. No wonder most of the geocache logs for that are not in the summer.

"Here's Amos" is at a huge figure of an Amish farmer. I'm sure I'd passed by that before but never noticed until someone placed a geocache near it. It's in the parking lot outside Hershey Farms restaurant in Strasburg. Dinner was a two-fish combo at Long John Silver's in Lancaster. After that, I watched the fireworks for a little while before heading home. This is the second fireworks display I've seen this weekend. I also saw the one in Philadelphia on my way home yesterday night. (There was another one last weekend in Pittsburgh of which I only just caught the end.)

Hen Fruit -- Farm Series #4 (Pennsylvania)
Bells Run Nature Preserve (Pennsylvania)
Village Greens - I'm not under a boardwalk ! (Pennsylvania)
Here's Amos! (Pennsylvania)
That thing where is worth how many what? (Pennsylvania)
Help me! I can't swim! (Pennsylvania)
Green Tree Bird (Pennsylvania)
Pot O' Gold (Pennsylvania)
Strasburg Twp Park Camoed Bison Tube! (Pennsylvania)
Brenneman Road Series - I'm not that tall (Pennsylvania)
When trees return (Pennsylvania)
Blue Hair (Pennsylvania)
Matthew's Guardian (Pennsylvania)
Pump House C&D (Pennsylvania)
Rushing Waters (Pennsylvania)
Green Monster (Pennsylvania)
Greenwood Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
How old are you? And still tasting good! (Pennsylvania)
Knot the place to be (Pennsylvania)
Take the Subway! (Pennsylvania)
SSSSnakes in a tree! (Pennsylvania)
Gotta shop 2 (Pennsylvania)

Tags: fireworks, geocaching, lancaster, long john silver's

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