Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

It's a sign I'm getting on in years. This morning, it actually took some time for my right leg to start working after I woke up. Except I wasn't aware of that and tried to stand up right away. This week, I've been doing two geocaches every evening after work. This evening brought me to XRAY in the Marshallton area. It's near a medical center. After that, I went to Time and Relative Dimensions in Space. Now this is a neat puzzle cache. The puzzle is one that many sci-fi fans would be able to figure out easily and the cache container looks like a TARDIS.

Posted a new release of TwitVim yesterday. Only a few changes this time but I thought the new tools for managing multiple Twitter logins were significant enough to bump the version number. Because the software apparently has more than 3 users now, I did consider backward compatibility so no one has to reauthenticate. After the upgrade, it automatically converts old token files.

I joined Google+ a few days ago when one of my Friendfeed friends sent me an invitation. So far, I'm not seeing anything truly revolutionary aside from convenient integration with other Google services that I'm already using. All the interesting social features in Google+ were already in Friendfeed years ago. Trouble is aside from a group of dedicated Friendfeeders, no one used Friendfeed. So that's why people think this is new. The biggest factor in Google+'s favor though is it is still under active development, whereas Friendfeed development pretty much stopped after Facebook acquired it. So there is hope that Google+ will continue to improve and not fall by the wayside.
Tags: friendfeed, geocaching, google+, twitvim

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