Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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South Jersey FPT XXI - Peace Train

I noticed that there was a new power trail on the dirt roads at the Makepeace Lake WMA in Weymouth. I didn't go directly there though because I wanted to do a bunch of geocaches around Franklinville and Buena first, which may be the long way to get to Weymouth. Anyway, I did 9 geocaches before hitting the power trail. Then I did 33 geocaches on the Peace Train power trail. Like the other power trails I've done this year, this one too is composed of a cache every 0.1 of a mile. With a few exceptions, most of these caches are fairly close to the dirt road. There's a theme too. Every cache has a 60s hippie design.

Since I happened to have the barrel and a bunch of trash bags in the back of the car, I did litter patrol. Every time I stopped for a cache along the dirt road, I picked up any litter I saw. It was at most a few pieces of litter per stop because I didn't want to stray too far from the car, but by the time I got to the end, the barrel was pretty full! People are messy and I can tell that some locations along that dirt road were used as lunch spots because of the soda cans, iced tea bottles, and plastic takeout containers. However, I can't explain the empty laundry detergent bottle. It was probably just someone dumping household trash because who does laundry in the lake anyway?

Overall, it was quite an adventure. Most of the dirt road was fairly easy to drive on but there was one stretch that was narrow and full of puddles. At each puddle, I had to either drive with two wheels up on the bank or get out of the car and test the bottom of the puddle to make sure it is firm. There was also one location on the dirt road with a freshly fallen tree. I thought I'd have to cut up the trunk into pieces (Yes, I brought gardening tools too. You never know when you need those for geocaching.) but luckily, I was able to push the tree to the side and that was less work.

I didn't finish the whole power trail before it got dark so I'll be returning soon. Dinner was a two-fish combo at the co-branded Long John Silver's / Taco Bell in Berlin, which is about a half an hour drive from Makepeace so I'm glad they stay open later on Saturday. After dinner, I found another cache at a ballfield parking lot on the way home. That was by chance because I made a wrong turn and the GPS re-route took me right by "Does my insurance cover fly balls?".

When the GeoWoodstockers are away . . . . . . #2 (New Jersey)
Little Ease Run (New Jersey)
Franklinville AME Cemetery (New Jersey)
When the GeoWoodstockers are Away . . . . #1 (New Jersey)
BVT: Friendship Methodist Church (New Jersey)
Chimera at Weymouth Furnace (New Jersey)
Boundary (New Jersey)
Small Hills (New Jersey)
Return to Sender (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Who'll Stop the Rain? (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Strawberry Fields (New Jersey)
Peace Train: For What's Worth (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Vigilante Man (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Sound of Silence (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Scarborough Fair (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Piece of My Heart (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Turn! Turn! Turn! (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Truckin' (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Feelin' Groovy (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Like a Rolling Stone (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Peace On Earth (New Jersey)
Peace Train: For Pete's Sake (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Lucky Man (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Child In Time (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Freedom (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Eve of Destruction (New Jersey)
Peace Train: What Are We Fighting For? (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Get Together (New Jersey)
Peace Train: The Times, They are a Changin' (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Give Peace a Chance (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Let It Be (New Jersey)
Peace Train: With A Little Help From My Friends (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Bad Moon Rising (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Blowin' in the Wind (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Unknown Soldier (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Revolution (New Jersey)
Peace Train: American Woman (New Jersey)
Peace Train: All You Need Is Love (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Alice's Restaurant (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Honky Tonk Woman (New Jersey)
Peace Train: Yesterday (New Jersey)
Does my insurance cover fly balls? (New Jersey)

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