Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Exton, Chester Springs, Spring City, Royersford, Limerick, Pottstown

Sunny, 90°F. It was a hot afternoon, although not so bad in the evening. I went geocaching in northern Chester County and made my way northwards, cache by cache, until I was in Montgomery County, where I did more geocaches in Royersford and Pottstown. Pottstown has a decent collection of geocaches and I only had time for a small set of those today. I don't know if I'm going to go there very often though. There doesn't seem to be a fast way to get there. If I go north from Exton, I'd have to use Route 100, which is more a local road than a highway and has many traffic lights. Route 422 is a divided highway but it is a much longer way to get there since I would have to go to King of Prussia first. Then again, it's not really any worse than driving to Lancaster.

I ran into geocachers in Pottstown at "Bus Stop, Bus Go". They go by Team Kipstang in the online logs. Since I was just about done with the cache when they arrived, I handed it to them and told them where it was hidden. Had a rather late dinner at Ruby Tuesday in Exton. The restaurant closes at midnight on Saturday but in reality, they close the cash register and put the salad bar away at 11pm so it's not worth going there really late. After I left the restaurant, I couldn't resist doing "Cervidae", a geocache just up the road from there, even though it was almost midnight. I knew Cervidae is the biological classification for deer, so I wasn't surprised at what I found. The cache container is housed in a deer skull.

Beyond Broad (Pennsylvania)
1790 Trimble Grist Mill - Colonial Cache #5 (Pennsylvania)
The Roof Was On Fire (Pennsylvania)
Eagleview C&D (Pennsylvania)
Hangin Around Outside (Pennsylvania)
Hickory-Dickory-Dock (Pennsylvania)
Easy Cachin C (Pennsylvania)
Hall's Sheeder Bridge (Pennsylvania)
Kimberton Park (Pennsylvania)
Graffiti Garage (Pennsylvania)
Brown Street Park (Pennsylvania)
Book Nook (Pennsylvania)
Victory... In a game for sliders? (Pennsylvania)
butterfly cache (Pennsylvania)
Permanent Residence (Pennsylvania)
SCURVY_SEA_DOGG and his Sea_Wench's Cache (Pennsylvania)
Another Break (Pennsylvania)
BOSS (Pennsylvania)
Beauty Comes From Within (Pennsylvania)
Home Cache Home #7 - Pottstown (Pennsylvania)
P-town Dems. (Pennsylvania)
Bus Stop, Bus Go (Pennsylvania)
Oscar's Backyard (Pennsylvania)
Cervidae (Pennsylvania)

Tags: chester county, geocaching, montgomery county, ruby tuesday

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