Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Dinosaurs and Frogs

Sunny, 90°F. Started late so I visited fewer geocaches today. However, I did finally get a chance to do the "Dinosaurs!" geocache, which is at the Delaware Museum of Natural History. The problem is the museum hours, which are quite inconvenient. On weekdays, they close long before I leave work. On weekends, I'm usually off in a different direction. I didn't actually have enough time to see the museum exhibits this afternoon either but I took a look at the collection of fox sculptures behind the museum. I saw those as I was leaving the trail system.

My pick of the day would surely have to be this frog geocache. It was tough work getting there because there was a creek crossing and the path on the other side was overgrown with bushes and thorny plants, but the cache was interesting.

"Adrenaline Rush", on the other hand, caused some unease. It was very close to a hobo dwelling. There was a lot of trash around and I saw the cardboard laid out on the ground where he sleeps. There was also a bunch of stuff under plastic wrap that I didn't investigate. Fortunately, that fellow was nowhere around or it would've been impossible to search for the cache, although I was half-expecting to have an unpleasant encounter at any moment. This reminded me of the time I was geocaching in a suburban wooded area in South Jersey and stumbled across a shelter with two homeless guys sitting in it. Sometimes, I think I'm lucky that I haven't been attacked thus far.

Tags: chester county, geocaching, new castle county
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