Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey FPT XXII - 100-degree day

Sunny, 100°F. Yes, that's what the car thermometer read for a significant portion of the day, except when I parked in the shade. This thermometer is known to be a few degrees off on the low side, so it could have been as high as 103°F. The first geocache I did was the "Alphabet Soup Challenge", which I couldn't do during the week because the cemetery closes at 4pm. This challenge cache requires you to find at least one Delaware geocache beginning with each letter of the alphabet. I was surprised that I already had all the letters, even the tough ones like X and Z. I met Gdaycutter at the cache site.

After that, I planned on hitting some geocaches around Springfield near I-476 but because of a major traffic delay on I-95, I went to South Jersey instead. This is why I have 7000 geocaches loaded in the automotive GPS. It's so I always have a Plan B no matter which way I detour. Most of the geocaches weren't hard to do when it was hot. The worst parts were where I had to walk across open fields. I did some longer walks like this bike path but those weren't so bad if there was tree shade.

Dinner was a two-fish combo at Long John Silver's in Mantua. I'd originally planned on going to Ruby Tuesday since I have a coupon but I can do that on Sunday instead.

Tags: geocaching, long john silver's, south jersey
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