Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

SEPAG Storms the Castle VIII

Sunny, 90-95°F. It was another hot day. I went to the SEPAG Storms the Castle VIII geocaching event at the Central Park pavilion in Doylestown. Since this was a midday event, I woke up a bit later and skipped breakfast since I knew I'd be eating as soon as I got there anyway. :) I had chili dog and various salads, burger and various salads, and grapes on ice cream. During the event, I took a short walk from the picnic pavilion to do the "Troop 26- Never, never, never give up" geocache.

There wasn't an organized group cache afterwards, so we went our separate ways. I went around Doylestown, doing only those geocaches I could stand to do in the heat. Towards the evening though, it wasn't as hot. So I headed over to Peace Valley Park to do a 1.5-mile round trip hike for 3 geocaches, "Miss Daisy's House", "Lodged in a Tree", and "Clyde's Barn". Those were all pretty simple geocaches once I actually got to each location. The problem is the new paved trail is not connected to the older trail system, so that made for some rough bushwhacking the few times when I had to cross over.

In the evening, I took my time driving to Philadelphia Chinatown because I knew the later I got there, the easier it would be to find street parking. I had seafood with crispy noodle at Banana Leaf.

Tags: banana leaf, geocaching, geocaching event, pennsylvania, philly chinatown
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