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Monday was cloudy with threat of rain but I went out for some after-work geocaches anyway. There were a bunch of new ones around Kennett Square, including one near the Underground Railroad mural. That was also one of a new series of 12 geocaches placed by the Chester County Historical Society. I only had time for 3 of the 12 that evening but no doubt I'll return for the rest since those are not too far away. This evening too, I noticed that the local Save-A-Lot supermarket has extended their hours to 11pm. That is rather convenient because after Arby's kicks me out at 10pm, I still have a whole hour to do the grocery shopping! :)

Tuesday evening was sunny and 91°F. I went to the University of Delaware campus to do the "A Treat and a Garden" geocache. The "treat" part refers to the UDairy Creamery, which I may return to check out some time when I have more time in the 15-minute parking spaces. The cache was in the garden. I'd assumed this micro cache would be hard to find until I put together all the information on the cache page and realized that there were only four places it could be. Then I was right on the first try. Also, this was an FTF. After that, for good measure, I went down the road a little to do the "279 Park & Ride" geocache, which was actually much easier despite having a higher difficulty rating. Go figure. Since I had time and a big trash can to fill for next week, I picked up litter around the Park & Ride. Sadly, I wasn't surprised that I could fill one garbage bag just cleaning up the perimeter of the lot.

I decided to go to Bob Evans in Bear to use a chicken sandwich coupon I got from their mailing list. I was seated promptly by the host. Then I waited and waited and no one came to the table to take my order. That was strange as the restaurant wasn't busy at all. After 15 minutes of that, I walked out. I know I've been to this restaurant before but never for sit-down. The last time I was there, I got takeout. Maybe that's a better idea for next time. I have to wonder though: If they don't serve their customers and the restaurant goes out of business because of that, what do they expect to do for work then?

Tags: bad service, bob evans, chester county, geocaching, maryland, university of delaware

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