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You, sir, are not a mega-man!

I was checking lottery tickets this morning and discovered that I'd won $2 in Megamillions. Here they are: first dollar and second dollar. I'll try not to spend it all in one place. Two places maybe. :)

Also found a Natural George. That would be a bill that has been entered into Where's George but not marked. There may actually be a lot of those floating around. I'm not sure why anyone would enter a bill into the website but not mark it and miss out on a lot of hits but some people seem to enjoy doing that. Must be a zen kind of thing.

And lastly, check out Fotolog. It's like Livejournal, except that it's for photos instead of text. The idea is you can have a photo of the day weblog and others can comment on the photos. It's a good use for a digital camera, if you have one. You can also keep a friends list of your favorite fotologgers. My fotolog is here. If you have set one up, let me know so I can go take a look.

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