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All things Ebright and beautiful

This evening, I went for the Top of the... Delaware.?.? geocache. It's at the Ebright Azimuth. At 447.85 feet above sea level, this is the highest natural elevation in Delaware. In most states, the high point would be a climb up a mountain. Not so in flatland. This high point is roadside in a suburb in northern Wilmington. There is nothing even resembling a hill here. On the road leading to this spot, there was only a slight incline. However, there is a sign and a bench, and now a geocache.

I renewed my BJ's Wholesale warehouse club membership yesterday. After holding out for a month, they offered me a discount on the renewal fee (down from $50 to $40) and since I was nearly out of fish sticks, I decided to go for it. This discount is offset a bit by my losing a month of membership because they only renewed it until the end of next June. However, I didn't shop that much in July anyway since I was still using up supplies from the first year, so that's not a big deal.

It's hot during the daytime so when do I do yardwork? At night. With a headlamp. Hope the neighbors don't think I'm crazy. I actually started pulling weeds yesterday evening about half an hour before dusk but finished an hour after dusk, in the dark. I had to use insect repellent because mosquitoes come out with a vengeance at the far back of my backyard at dusk. It was worth doing though. By the time I was done, I'd filled five large bags with weeds. Thank goodness there's a yard waste collection site on the way to work. I did the drop-off the next morning. I also saw a cicada skin on the shed last night. I know they are out there by the noise but I just never see them usually.
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