Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Fenderella Story

Sunny, 79°F. It was an after-work excursion that started out a bit disappointing but turned into a winner. The first cache I tried was Fender Bender at the park and ride in Price's Corner. Coordinates brought me to just a plain fence so I had no idea where to look on that. After looking for a while, I gave up and moved on.

Another geocache got listed nearby so I zipped over to Ella Park in Newport. This was an easy find. Amazingly, I was first to find by mere seconds because Skypatrol250 pulled up while I was unrolling the log sheet!

Then it was on to dinner, which was a Chipotle Chicken Sandwich at the local Arby's. While I was at dinner (with the laptop up and running, of course), the owner of "Fender Bender" emailed me with more information on the cache. That was just enough to go on, so I went back to Price's Corner after dinner to try looking for it again. It was dark but I knew where to look with a flashlight and found it. I was first to find for a second time this evening!
Tags: arby's, geocaching, new castle county
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