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Sunny, 85-90°F. I had a choice of events this evening. I decided to go to the geocaching one because it was a sunny day. Given the recent weather, I figured I ought to make full use of a day when it isn't raining heavily! The geocaching event was O WOW DOG in Wrightstown, PA. I didn't go there directly though. I started with a set of geocaches at the periphery of the King of Prussia Mall. Then I continued with more geocaches in Conshohocken and Plymouth Meeting.

At Plymouth Meeting, I ran into Goalie003 at a cache site. He's traveled to Plymouth Meeting from Ohio for a Livestrong event and was doing some geocaches in the mall area near the hotel. He helped me search for "Almost Off Your Rocker - Plymouth Meeting". Then I asked if he'd like to join me for the puzzle cache, "Spatial Distortion's Reverse Geocache", just a bit down that trail since I already had the solution coordinates. So we went and did that too, and he had a bonus find without having to solve the puzzle.

After Plymouth Meeting, I took a longer drive to the next batch of geocaches near Warminster. I didn't have time for too many before the event because it was already getting close to 6pm. Good thing there were some quick ones. Progress towards the event was slow. Apparently, there was something called a "Grange Fair" going on in that town and it caused a terrible traffic delay on Route 413. Eventually, I arrived at the event, which was at O Wow Cow, an ice cream place in the Carousel Village. I had blueberry lemon ice cream. Only the top scoop shows up in the picture though. The scoop below that was espresso bean flavor. Although the event was only up to 8pm, we stayed until it was dark because the conversation was good.

After the event, I did some of the special geocaches that were placed for the event. Those were all "I Scream" themed. :) Then I cached my way down through Newtown, Langhorne, and Bensalem. I'd originally wanted to go to Philly Chinatown for a late dinner but since there was a geocache, "T.G.Eye.F.", just outside TGI Friday's in Bensalem and since I had some rather good coupons, I had dinner there instead. Which was Parmesan Crusted Crab Flounder, a wedge salad, and free chips and salsa for being a Stripes member. (even though I'm not a tiger! :) ) So it was a rather full day of activity.

Skirt's up! (Pennsylvania)
Hats off to Hollywood (Pennsylvania)
Toys 'R' in Trees (Pennsylvania)
Babies' Behind (Pennsylvania)
Never on Sunday (Pennsylvania)
Hollies Legacy Cache (Pennsylvania)
Medical Leave (Pennsylvania)
All About the Hendersons (Pennsylvania)
SRT - 100.5 (Pennsylvania)
River View (Pennsylvania)
SRT - 97.5 (Pennsylvania)
SRT - 96 (Pennsylvania)
"Almost" Off Your Rocker - Plymouth Meeting (Pennsylvania)
Spatial Distortion's Reverse Geocache (Pennsylvania)
Any Day of the Week (Pennsylvania)
CCT, come and find me, the sequel... (Pennsylvania)
CCT, come and find me! (Pennsylvania)
I Scream (Pennsylvania)
Bison in the Pines (Pennsylvania)
Log College II (Pennsylvania)
Stover #1 (Pennsylvania)
Stover #2 (Pennsylvania)
Walking Purchase Place (Pennsylvania)
O WOW DOG (Pennsylvania)
I Scream, I Crow, Carouso (Pennsylvania)
I Scream, I Crow, Light Po (Pennsylvania)
Cache is Very Simple Also (Pennsylvania)
I Scream, I Crow, Municipo (Pennsylvania)
Library (Pennsylvania)
Geotruckers #26 - Cheating on Joseph (Pennsylvania)
T.G.Eye.F. (Pennsylvania)
Wanna Bet? (Pennsylvania)

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