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The DEEC, Google+ names policy, $2 bills on Where's George

This evening, I went to the DuPont Environmental Education Center in Wilmington to find the DEEC: Ranger Rick's Riverside Resting Spot geocache. (Pictures) I love coming to this preserve because it's the nicest one close to home. There is an elevated walkway leading to a four-storey nature center building with scenery of marshland and an old railroad bridge.

There was a walkathon going on in the Wilmington Riverfront area at the time. Rather than try to drive through a throng of walkers, I pulled into a parking area and used Comcast wi-fi to post my DEEC pictures to Google+. It was then when I noticed that the suspension warning banner had been removed from my Google+ profile. The story began yesterday afternoon when I got a big popup message on Google+. Then I saw a 4-day warning banner on my profile saying that it was not in compliance with their names policy. I wish I'd taken more screenshots. I only took this one after I accidentally clicked on the "appeal" link. I submitted more info, mainly links to Livejournal and other places where I used the name, and left it alone. For a new media corporation, Google is surprisingly poor at communication. I didn't get any follow-up emails. The warning banner disappeared as abruptly as it appeared, leaving me wondering what the heck happened.

I haven't been writing about Where's George much. I still participate, although not quite as much as in years past. I got a great pair of hits today on two $2 bills. One is an 11-year sleeper and the other is a 10-year sleeper. The 11-year sleeper is a bill I entered just a week after I started Georging! This shows how sporadically $2 bills travel. $2 bills are comparatively rare in circulation, so people tend to collect them. You can order those from the bank if you wanted. The bank may impose an order minimum of anywhere from $200 to $2000 and, more often than not, what you'll get is straps of crisp new twos. A decade ago, I was interested in collecting red-seal $2 bills (series 1963 and earlier, with the seal printed in red instead of green). So, over a period of time, I called many bank branches in Northern NJ asking what they had in their vaults. I got quite a haul of $2 bills that way. I saved the old bills and entered the newer ones into Where's George, and that's what eventually led to today's pair of $2 hits.
Tags: dupont environmental education center, geocaching, google+, ranger rick, two dollar bills, where's george, wilmington riverfront

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