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Big state, big sandwich

Have a service appointment tomorrow evening for an oil change and a check to see if any parts are falling off. 136K miles on the odometer. Probably the worst thing about driving around this time of year is the potholes from the winter freeze/thaw. On Saturday, I hit a deep pothole on US-206 and it was so bad, I thought the car would break in two right there.

Went to Palisades Center this evening. Got a Hagstrom map of Ulster County at the Staples store there. I'll be going to Ulster sooner or later so that should be useful. Also got some cheap stuff (Clifford keychain, small battery fan, Digimon magnet... well okay, the magnet's staying on my fridge) to use as geocache trade items at the KB Toys. Also noticed that an Arby's will be opening in the food court in May. Excellent. I won't have to go all the way to Watchung for the Big Montana then.

What else? Oh, how about a hit on a $2 bill? That's a pretty rare occurrence as $2 bills don't circulate much.
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