Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Birthday, now with 20% more food

Cloudy, 65-70°F. The day got off to a quick start when I received a new geocache notification just when I was about to head out. By coincidence, "Swim Fan" was just up the road from Denny's in Newark, where I was planning to have my free birthday Grand Slam. How convenient! So I found that cache, got FTF on it, and went to Denny's. I had a Grand Slam with eggs, whole wheat toast, bacon, and sausages.

I didn't plan on doing too much today, so I went geocaching around Central Delaware. First, I went to Collins Beach, which used to be a well-known beach resort but now has abandoned houses and lots of wildflowers. (Apparently, if these are in bloom in my backyard, they are also in bloom at the wildlife refuge.) After Collins Beach, I did a few geocaches in Smyrna and a few more in the western Kent County countryside. Hopped over to Maryland for a few geocaches (WMA 1, 2, and 3) and even did one geocache at the state line. I thought it was funny that I actually parked right on the state line but didn't realize it until I went back to my car and saw the rear wheel next to the painted boundary line on the road.

"Cat-A-Log Cache" was the problem geocache of the day. It's a two-stage cache but the first stage got washed away quite a while ago and was never replaced, or so I gathered from reading the online logs. I thought I'd try to find the final stage anyway even without the coordinates. So I took a walk along the road and spotted the cache lying in the ditch! Well, lucky day! It appears a recent flood carried the cache out from where it was hidden and for once, actually made it easier to find.

For dinner, I returned to Newark to claim my free birthday entree at Famous Dave's. I had the two-meat combo with beef brisket, beer-battered cod, green beans, and fries.

Tags: denny's, famous dave's, geocaching, kent county

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