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LVGC Breakfast in the Valley V

Cloudy, 70°F. Woke up somewhat earlier this morning to attend the LVGC Breakfast in the Valley V geocaching event in Quakertown. It's at John's Plain and Fancy Diner, where I spent most of the meal wondering whether it was plain or fancy. :) Seriously, it's a decent diner, although they were clearly unprepared for our geocaching crowd. It took them a long time to prepare the food and the waitress forgot various things. Anyway, I had bacon and eggs.

After the breakfast event, our group headed out to Quakertown Memorial Park to do a few geocaches and then to Nockamixon State Park for a longer hike and six geocaches. Then we stopped for a snack at the Yum Yum Donut Shop in Quakertown. (I was told it's been around quite a while in downtown Quakertown, even before Dunkin' Donuts.) I had a red velvet donut, which is one of those things I never knew existed. After that, we split up. I continued geocaching around Quakertown, Richland, Perkasie, and finally North Wales. Had dinner at TGI Friday's since it's near the second-last geocache of the day. Also, I figured I might as well use my TGI Friday's birthday coupon to get an ice cream strawberry shortcake. That's elegant and fattening. :)

There were four events scheduled for today. I was wondering if I picked the best one to attend but in reviewing the day's activity, I think I made the right choice. Of course, the best outcome would've been if some of those events moved to other days but we can't have everything.

Heavy Weight Champ (Pennsylvania)
Cachonic (Pennsylvania)
LVGC Breakfast in the Valley V (Pennsylvania)
For Those Who Served - Quakertown (Pennsylvania)
Where better to spend a rainy afternoon...(#5) (Pennsylvania)
The yolks on you (Pennsylvania)
Zoned Light Industrial II (Pennsylvania)
Ranger Rick's Off the Road to Nowhere (Pennsylvania)
Ranger Rick's Read Between the Lines (Pennsylvania)
Ranger Rick's Lake View (Pennsylvania)
Ranger's Rick Rocks Rock: High Bridge Trail (Pennsylvania)
Ranger Rick's Stuck in the Middle (Pennsylvania)
Ranger Rick's Undercover: High Bridge Trail (Pennsylvania)
Schulie's Hide (Pennsylvania)
Shopping Break # 5 "DOT" (Pennsylvania)
Shopping Break # 4 "No Membership Required" (Pennsylvania)
Shopping Break # 6 "Grab A Bite" (Pennsylvania)
Ma Who? (Pennsylvania)
Mitchell's Kids Cache II (Pennsylvania)
We Make Good Neighbors (Pennsylvania)
Main St. Park Cache (Pennsylvania)
No More Pain in the Neck (Pennsylvania)
How Lowe Can You Go IV (Pennsylvania)
I'll go left (Pennsylvania)
Mitchell's Kids Cache I (Pennsylvania)
Can't Hide My Love For This Place (Pennsylvania)
Beaver Swamp (Pennsylvania)
Zoned Light Industrial (Pennsylvania)
Richland Seating (Pennsylvania)
Choo Choo Trolley (Pennsylvania)
-CG (Pennsylvania)
Bike or Hike Perkasie #7 "Guard the Path" (Pennsylvania)
Shopping Break #7 "Bottom's Up" (Pennsylvania)
Urban Hunter #1 - By George!!! (Pennsylvania)

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