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Feeping creaturism in phones

Fastest oil change ever. I brought a lot of stuff to do and didn't even get to the magazines I wanted to read.

Went to the Garden State Plaza and The Wiz after that. The closing down sale discount at The Wiz is now at 40% on most items, 50% on CDs and DVDs, and 60% on networking hardware. The store was a lot less crowded than it was last week but then again, there's much less stuff now. Still, I did manage to get a GPS carrying case.

Since I started getting into Fotolog, I decided that the next cellphone I get should have a built-in camera. Not that the current arrangement is impractical but a digital camera is just one more item to carry. I hope by the time I need to replace this phone, cameraphones will cost less than $400. And besides, Fotolog allows e-mail uploads and that's practically made for cameraphones with wireless internet.

Anyway, I only just found out that my phone has a speakerphone feature. I guess I'm not that observant because all this time, there was a little button labeled "Speaker" and it's a different color from all the other buttons! I also discovered that it has a Key Guard feature to prevent accidental button pushes when the phone is in my backpack, for instance. Now where's that manual? Who knows what other useful features I'm missing!
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