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Furfright 2011

This weekend, I attended FurFright 2011 at the Crowne Plaza in Cromwell, CT. I left home late Wednesday night and returned Monday night. Shared a room with jbadger and Dronon, two great roommates. Overall, I had a good time.

The "How Not to Write Crap" panel was surprisingly good and entertaining. I stumbled upon it quite by accident because I was looking for something to kill time before the fursuit performance panels but I ended up staying until the end of the panel!

The "Saturday Morning Cartoon Party" was a nice trip through Saturday morning nostalgia with a representative selection of cartoons. Also, I didn't have to get dressed for it. (bat pajamas! :) )

Fursuit games were okay, although I think it would be a good idea to explain the rules of the various games and make sure all participants understand those before the games begin. There was only a brief explanation before each game started and it was hard to hear from the end of the team lineup. And yes, there was one thing I misunderstood that fortunately, did not affect the outcome of the game.

Car show: I'm not that interested in cars but JBadger and I stumbled across this gathering while trying to park in the garage after returning from lunch, so we took a look around. I liked the well-furnished car best.

Dead Dog Party: I wasn't there much because JBadger and I went out to dinner and the rest of the time, I was going around and talking to friends who, for some reason, I never saw until after the con ended. So what happened at the Dead Dog Party? I'm not even sure myself. In the same room, there were videos, music, dancing, games (both board games and a physical game that was unfamiliar to me), and just hanging around. We may be trying to do too much in one room. :) I thought the timing of the pizza delivery was interesting though. It arrived in the last hour of the party, so it was like a late-night snack.

Meeting up with friends, doing random fursuiting around the con space, and crashing room parties were lots of fun too. I brought 3 fursuits this time but wore only two: Chestnut Husky and K2 (coyote).

On the other hand: I'm starting to see some instances of uncivil, assholish, obnoxious, and, in one case, unsafe behavior. It could be that I simply didn't notice or missed it in the previous eight FurFrights but I'm sure there is more of that now. I usually don't say anything, so if I have to tell someone to stop, that means he's taken his shtick too far. I've had to do that for the first time in FF 2011, which is telling. Unfortunately, some practices I'm starting to find irksome are endorsed by the con itself. I would like to not have to go around avoiding certain individuals and groups in order to not be annoyed at the con but I think it is inevitable.


Take a Break and sow your oats :) (Connecticut)
Exit 13 off 95 (Northbound)Yum,yum,time for food (Connecticut)
Exit 14 off 95 (Southbound) Park & Grab :) (Connecticut)
Another cache on CT Avenue in a shopping center :) (Connecticut)
"Meow Meow" Takes a shopping break :) (Connecticut)
Cars R'Us "Park & Ride" :) (Connecticut)
Stop 2 :) (Connecticut)
BD's "Chill Puppette Chill" cache (Connecticut)
Birdseye Ramp (Connecticut)
Go Fishing (Connecticut)
TTMTD-73 (Connecticut)
Real Brew #3 (Connecticut)
Window Shopping 2 (Connecticut)
McParkandGrab (Connecticut)
Eagle Bridge (Connecticut)
TTMTD-22 (Connecticut)
Sub Series 3 (Connecticut)
The Cache Zone (Connecticut)
The Job Interview (Connecticut)
The Lily Pond (Connecticut)
TTMTD-23 (Connecticut)
i <3 pizza #1 (Connecticut)
Good Eats Series #5 - Chicago Style (Connecticut)
Milford Mall 2 (Connecticut)
Good Eats Series #7 - Really Roastin' (Connecticut)
Old Milford Marble Company (Connecticut)
TTMTD-21 (Connecticut)
TTMTD-25 (Connecticut)
Geocat (Connecticut)
Good Eats Series #2 - Is it Friday Yet? (Connecticut)
Good Eats Series #1 - Buon Appetito (Connecticut)
Good to be Home (Connecticut)
Good Eats Series #6 - Brick Oven Bonanza (Connecticut)
Contact the Authority (Connecticut)


Sophie O'Grady (Connecticut)
JW-84 Spew pew pew # 29 (Connecticut)
JW-84 Spew pew pew # 27 (Connecticut)
JW-84 Spew pew pew # 26 (Connecticut)
JW-84 Spew pew pew # 25 (Connecticut)
JW-84 Spew pew pew (I forgot which number) (Connecticut)


Gateway to Nowhere (Connecticut)
Leperous (Connecticut)
Nostalgia (Connecticut)
Carriage Way (Connecticut)
Wadsworth Mansion (Connecticut)
Go Green (Connecticut)
CFPA and AMC cache (Connecticut)
What a Crock (Connecticut)
THS - Back to School (Connecticut)
Old East Main Travel Bug Hotel (Connecticut)
Spikey Tree (Connecticut)
Kayak/Canoe Launch - Beseck Lake (Connecticut)
Nuovi Amici (Connecticut)
West Side Field (Connecticut)
Silversmith Park Cache (Connecticut)
On the way to Granmama's work! (Connecticut)
FROG RIP II (Connecticut)
Historic Wallingford - McKenzie Reservoir (Connecticut)
Who's Guarding Northford Road? (Connecticut)
Mackenzie Reservoir (Connecticut)

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