Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XXXVII - Battleship and Misc., Central/South Delaware

It was a pleasant weekend, generally. Both days were 60-65°F and sunny. I wanted this weekend to be low-key since I was a bit tired of long-distance travel and big cache runs, but we know how that usually ends up. On Saturday, I wanted to attend the "Cachers of the Corn II" geocaching event near Lancaster. So I went to Lancaster during the day and did some of the Battleship series and mixed that with other geocaches along the way. Started near Gap and somehow ended up in Ephrata/Akron, quite a bit further from the event than intended! In the evening, I went to the event site to meet up with FishBizkit, sign in, and drop off some geocoins. I couldn't stay to do the corn maze itself though because I had to get to dinner. I returned in-state to Ruby Tuesday in Pike Creek because from experience, the Ruby Tuesday in Lancaster isn't as good.

On Sunday, I decided to do some geocaches in Central and Southern Delaware as a change of pace, so I don't get sick of Lancaster. My original plan was to only do the caches until Dover/Camden but I had so much time left before sunset that I decided to continue to Georgetown to do a new cache on the Del Tech Owens Campus and hike a state wildlife area just outside that town. With sunset coming a lot earlier this time of year, I had plenty of time not only for dinner (chicken and fries at Hardee's in Middletown) but also a bit of shopping afterwards to pick up some sale items I noticed in the Sunday paper ads and coupons.

I'm seeing a bunch of fake bird geocaches these days. I saw two on Sunday and this dove-like container was one of them. Even if not particularly challenging, these are pretty neat. The idea is to stick the log sheet into the bird and clip or hang the bird on a tree branch. Then it looks like a bird in the tree and passers-by who don't look closely will be none the wiser.


Battleship - B7 (Pennsylvania)
Yet another rock field (Pennsylvania)
Makes me wanna take a back road (Pennsylvania)
Panoramic View (Pennsylvania)
Termitenator (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - G3 (Pennsylvania)
Delaney's Favorite Playground (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - A2 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - C9 (Pennsylvania)
Steinmetz's Meeting-House (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - J2 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - J9 (Pennsylvania)
Battleship - F2 (Pennsylvania)
Curbside Hilltop (Pennsylvania)
How did that get here? (Pennsylvania)
I Rode The Line (Pennsylvania)
Cachers of the Corn II (Pennsylvania)


Picnic Basket (Delaware)
Eat More Fish N Chips (Delaware)
Eat More Hotdogs (Delaware)
Another Great Summer (Delaware)
No Hassles (Delaware)
Lone Star (Delaware)
Little Heaven (Delaware)
Chain Link Tree (Delaware)
Old Filling Station (Delaware)
Howie who? (Delaware)
Don't Look For Eliza (Delaware)
Delaware Tech Owens (Delaware)
Pine For A Walk (Delaware)
Fly Away For A Walk (Delaware)
Just A Walk (Delaware)

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