Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Halloween, auto inspection, and a few local geocaches

I didn't have anything planned for Halloween evening other than two geocaches near home, Boogerman and Pipecleaner. Neither were spooky, although the container for Boogerman was amusing. I got home at dusk and there were still groups of kids, some with parents in tow, going around trick-or-treating. I had four bags of candy from a store special a week ago, so I mixed it up in a bucket and started handing it out to anyone who came by. After a number of groups, I ran out of candy. So I turned off the lights and left for my treat, which was an all-you-can-eat fajita dinner at Don Pablo's. It was only 99 cents because I used one of the three $10 rewards I received this year. My second treat was a free iced coffee at the Dunkin Donuts near home. (They sent out coupon cards in the mail last month.)

This morning, I got the car inspection and registration renewal done at the DMV near home. I was surprised at how quickly it got done. I don't think it took even five minutes. Mid-morning was apparently a slack period and there wasn't any wait. There was nothing on my car that needed repair so it passed inspection easily. The only wrinkle was they had to step on the gas a bit during the emissions test so their machine actually had something to measure. (Hybrid engine shuts off on idle.) Registration renewal was similarly quick. I used the drive-thru lanes (similar to a bank drive-thru) and didn't need to enter the DMV building. After that, I visited the Red Clay Valley - Barley Mill Road Crossing geocache on the way to work for a quick FTF. The Red Clay Creek looked calm this morning but during Hurricane Irene, it overflowed and flooded the bridge and road.
Tags: auto inspection, don pablo's, dunkin donuts, geocaching, halloween

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