Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

11-11-11 and after

There were lots of 11-11-11 geocaching events posted on Friday. It was a work day for me and I didn't take the day off but I still managed to attend two of those events anyway. The first event I attended was "11-11-11 at 11am - Let's Eat Lunch!" at Cafe Napoli in Wilmington. I figured I could take an extended lunch break and head out for this one since it's not too far from the office. I had a fish fillet sandwich and onion rings.

That night, I went for the "11-11-11 @ 11:11:11 PM New Jersey" geocaching event. Of course, since I wasn't out the whole day geocaching, I had dinner at home first before going to Jersey. The event was a simple gathering in the parking lot at a strip mall one block away from the Deptford Mall. We've had night gatherings in that parking lot a few times already and I'm surprised that mall security has never showed up to question a large group of people hanging out there at night. I also did two geocaches that night. "Big Ole Trees Around Here" has been in place for a few years already but I couldn't do it in previous years because it has either been too late or too dark. Well, this time, it was too late AND too dark but I went and found the cache anyway!

Saturday was a low-key day since I started out late and I had two errands to take care of first. I just headed down to Kent County to do some geocaches that were placed recently. Then I did a bunch of older geocaches in the Milford Neck Wildlife Refuge before returning to Middletown for dinner at Hardee's. I had a taco salad because there was a special on that posted in the window. I don't usually order from the Red Burrito side of their menu but I think I should start because their taco salad is pretty good.

Tags: cafe napoli, delaware, geocaching, geocaching event, hardee's, kent county, south jersey

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